Qigong & Hua Gong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice for exploring greater human
capacities through activating and utilising the subtle energy – Qi. It is
known for its power of revitalising life, overcoming difficult health
conditions and developing extraordinary skills. Practitioners from various
walks of life use this practice for achieving different purposes.
Though the approaches and styles are countless, there are basically two
groups in the practice: the prenatal Qigong which bases its practice on
connecting to the life creating cosmic Qi for life preservation and spiritual realisation, and the postnatal Qigong
which focuses on exploring the inner energy of the human body for greater skills and abilities.
Hua Gong is a Qigong approach or style that works on the prenatal level for good health, longevity and spiritual
realisation. It is a living and on-going practice based on the connection with the primordial cosmic Qi. Connect and
stay in tune is the essential practice. As a result, we discover how our body and energy work, and how human life
works. Based on discoveries of this nature, we practise to cultivate natural and healthy habits of our body and
mind, and explore greater capacities. Realisation of a true human state can become a real experience. “The Dao is
near and straightforward,” (Lao Zi).

How to Learn Hua Gong

To learn Hua Gong, it is essential to be initiated, in other words to receive a transmission from a teacher.
Otherwise, even though one has learned some techniques, one will not be able to practise properly. This effect
can be compared to a TV set or a computer, which needs to be set up from the beginning to work. The set-up has
two aspects: the connection to the source of power/energy (ie electricity), and the input of the right programmes
or software.

Similarly the transmission in Qigong teaching contains two aspects:
the empowerment of energy or the activation of the vital Qi – both
internal and external, and the passing on of the essential information
for the practice. The Hua Gong technique not only shows the way to
do something such as hold a posture or carry out a movement, it also
contains the power that enables us to do it correctly and effectively.
This is described as the ‘Qi transmission’ effect in the Qigong tradition.

Transmission by Zhixing

Having been initiated by his master and inspired by twenty-five years of his own teaching experience in the West,
Zhixing has the ability to activate the students’ Qi, and to pass on the essential information (‘software’) for the
practice. With his empowerment and guidance, students will be able to practise the methods to achieve the right
results. His way of teaching is simple, clear, and enjoyable. People of all conditions and levels can practise from
where they are, and are guided gently into a better or more advanced place.

Some Essential Effects of Hua Gong

Apart from normally expected effects such as recovery from illness, increased energy levels and a stronger body
and mind, there are some profound effects that are possible to achieve:

To return to a child-like state
A child is full of life. His body is supple and his spirit is joyful. He seems inexhaustible. When we become adults,
we tend to lose a lot of the lively quality of a child. Our body becomes stiff and our spirit loses its joy. We easily
get tired. An essential effect of Hua Gong is to regain the lively qualities of a child: supple body, potent energy and
joyful spirit. Even starting from quite a mature age, we can feel a youthful quality coming back to us. This effect is
described in the Daoist text as ‘the return of the pure Yang Qi (vital life force)’.

To return to the root of life
From the Qigong point of view, to become ill is a result of losing the connection with our original state of being,
or the source of our real life force – Qi. By getting in touch with the Qi our life will be nourished like a plant being
watered and nurtured from the root. In the Daoist tradition, this effect is described as ‘drinking the milk of mother
Nature’. As a result our life can turn around, from being ill into being healthy, and from being weak into being
strong, from feeling old into feeling young.

To live to the true end of one’s life is the real meaning of longevity. However,
like most candles do not burn to the end when the flame is already extinguished,
most people do not live to the real end of life when life is terminated by illness.
The Daoist philosophy believes that one should live healthily to the very end of
one’s life and leave the physical body without, or not because of, illness. With
successful Hua Gong practice, it is possible to accomplish this.

Inner creativity and grace
Artistic abilities and graceful qualities often come as a result of the practice.
Hua Gong is a profound practice of an extraordinary nature. The true meanings
and effects cannot be fully expressed in words. They can only be discovered
through one’s own practice and experience.