Qigong and Hua Gong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice for exploring greater human capacities through activating and utilising the subtle energy – Qi. It is known for its power of revitalising life, overcoming difficult health conditions, and developing extraordinary skills.  Practitioners from various walks of life use this practice for achieving different purposes.

Though the approaches and styles are countless, there are basically two groups in the practice: the prenatal Qigong which bases its practice on connecting to the life creating cosmic Qi for life preservation and spiritual realisation, and the postnatal Qigong which focuses on exploring the inner energy  of the human body for greater skills and abilities.

Hua Gong is a Qigong approach or style that works on the prenatal level for good health, longevity and spiritual realisation.  It is a living and on-going practice based on the connection to the primordial cosmic Qi.  Connect and stay in tune is the essential practice.

The transmission in Qigong teaching contains two aspects: the empowerment of energy or the activation of the vital Qi-both internal and external, and the passing on of essential information for the practice.

London Weekend
Essential Hua Gong
Date: April 14-15
The dynamic practice of Hua Gong, ever unfolding and evolving is what attracts our students back time and time again.  Over more than 20 years Hua Gong in London has created a space to connect to and tune in to the “Cosmic Qi”.  Any weekend or class has the ongoing theme of connection to the “Living Signal” to engage inner battles against present or potential illness and ageing, and to cultivate potent health.

The focus of the April weekend in London will be on Strengthening the Knees.

 Strengthening the knees? It may sound not important enough. However, the knees are actually such an important part of the body and an important factor in the process of keeping or losing our health.  In the Qigong tradition, there’s a saying: ‘Aging starts from our legs.’  Aging actually means the deterioration of our life energy, therefore our health.  So we can equally say:‘The deterioration of our health starts from our legs.’  Then we can carry on saying:’The deterioration of our legs starts with our knees.’  The knees are also closely related to our kidneys and heart.  In other words, the state of our knees is often an indication of the state of health with our kidneys and /or the heart.  Therefore to strengthen the knees is a convenient approach to the strengthening of our kidneys, heart and overall energy level.
 Hua Gong has much insight and useful techniques to offer for strengthening our knees and legs, for improving the health of our heart and kidneys, and for stopping or reducing the loss of our vital energy, therefore to strengthen our life. 

Qi (Chi) is the fundamental element of Chinese philosophy in relation to many areas of life including  health, energy, diagnosis, Feng Shui, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, and nutritional considerations . Qi is the life force; Qi is energy; Qi is dynamic. Qi exists in everything from the natural world to man made objects.  Hua Gong (Hua means transformation) is the specialised form developed by Zhixing Wang and Zhendi Wu and is defined by the deeply penetrating energy and instant transmission.