Established in 1990 Chinese Heritage has built a high reputation as a leading organisation in the promotion of Chinese classical culture in the West.  Expanded substantially in the teaching area Chinese Heritage focuses on the systematic education in Chinese classical culture and esoteric studies.  There is  also a focus on  practises in the personal development area based on Qigong and Chinese religious studies.

The most distinguished method used in Chinese Heritage is the teaching of Qigong at all levels.

Qi (Chi) is the fundamental element of Chinese philosophy in relation to many areas of life including  health, energy, diagnosis, Feng Shui, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, and nutritional considerations . Qi is the life force; Qi is energy; Qi is dynamic. Qi exists in everything from the natural world to man made objects.  Hua Gong (Hua means transformation) is the specialised form developed by Zhixing Wang and Zhendi Wu and is defined by the deeply penetrating energy and instant transmission.

Qigong is taught in Chinese Heritage in many forms:

• A form of Art (Dance, Calligraphy, Painting, Singing)

• For Protection and Strengthening (Fundamental Qigong Forms, Martial Arts  and Tai Qi)

• A Form for Health promotion and Fitness (Animal Qigong, Turtle and Snake Qigong, Cloudy Dragon Qigong, Healing and self healing, Qi Sword).

• A form of Spiritual Development (Meditation, Return Journey, Internal Alchemy)

Chinese Heritage will only offer the highest standards of teaching of Qigong and cultural studies to our students and practitionersActivities