Qi Yoga

Qi-Yoga is a style of Qigong; the name has been taken from Yoga which is well known in the western world as a spiritual practice, as well as physical exercise.  There are many similarities between Yoga and Qi-Yoga, such as stretching movements and breathing exercises.

  1. Like all Qigong exercise the movement of Qi (vital energy) is the centre of Qi-Yoga practice.   Zhendi and Zhixing will give a clear Qi transmission during the class and it will be very easy to feel the movement of Qi in ones body during each breath. This increases the Qi or energy levels in the body, and is the main purpose of the exercise.  Breathing exercises are not a focus in other Hua Gong classes.
  2. In fact, this exercise is called Dao-Yin which means to clearly lead and direct the movement of Qi energy in the body. The Dao-Yin exercise was documented in China over 3,500 years ago, and possibly even earlier than that.  It predates the practice of Yoga which was initiated in the Northern area of India.
  3. In the Qi Yoga practice, the Qi will be moved along the channels and meridians of the body.  Qi will also be conducted to charge the internal organs with fresh oxygen and energy.  This will result in the visible healing and rejuvenation effects, which is typical of any Hua Gong practice.
  4. The clear transmission power is what underpins all Hua Gong Qi- Yoga, and leads the student more easily and safely into demanding physical postures.  A significant improvement in health is fairly quickly attained.  Fortunately with this ancient Dao Yin practice, and the Hua Gong transmission, the procedure of learning and practising is easier and more interesting.  Qi Yoga will bridge both Qi Gong and Yoga practices, and regardless of age or condition, practitioners will achieve a higher level of physical flexibility and fitness in a very short period of time.   Indeed after even one weekend some obvious improvement will be observed.

Hua Gong practice can be unfolded in many ways.  Qi-Yoga offers an opportunity to unfold our practice in new ways.   It will enable us to concentrate on our specific problems which may be either physical or emotional.

Qi-Yoga will be taught in a series of 12 lessons, from fundamental Qi-Yoga to intermediate level.  This will be accompanied by a series of Hua Gong cosmic meditation exercises, which are partly based on Buddhist style meditation.  Though a sequential series of weekends is recommended, students may join the class at any weekend and receive the benefits.

Led by Zhixing or Zhendi there will be a high level of Qi Transmission and healing power, and good effects will be rapidly noticed. It is this strength of the Qi transmission which is so important, and which is so difficult to find in contemporary times.  This indeed should underpin any training in Qi circulation, internal power and development.