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Hua Gong for Self Defence against Illness with Zhixing Wang

Hua Gong is a dynamic practice which is ever unfolding and evolving.  The monthly London Hua Gong class offers the most updated Hua Gong methods and is the most regular Hua Gong class available.  Over more than 20 years it has created a space to connect and tune into the cosmic Qi –prenatal life energy and information from which we receive nourishment and spiritual inspiration.

Most of the discoveries through Hua Gong on the human body and energy, on health and illness, on rejuvenation and longevity, and on spirituality have been shared on these weekends.  It provides the most detailed Hua Gong teachings on the fundamental level and represents the most updated Hua Gong transmission in terms of the “Qi Field” (the overall sensation or experience of the energy effects in the group), techniques and information.  Internally we cultivate the Dan-the highly concentrated Qi energy that can be experienced as an energy pill rotating in the body –through meditation, and externally we express the beauty and power through artistic movements.

Group healing is one of the extraordinary ways of Qigong – we can recharge, transform and heal ourselves with the powerful Qi transmission which is like the living ‘signal’ of our life.

It is appropriate for all levels of Qigong practitioner.

Hua Gong for Self Defence against Illness

Venue: Online Zoom Session

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