Swimming Dragon & Hui Chun Gong

Swimming Dragon is a classic Daoist Qi Gong exercise, it is beautiful to watch and easy to practice – it also has an obvious effect on weight loss. One woman lost 40 pounds in weight in three months by practising this exercise alone.

Because it can also massage the internal genital organs and stimulate the jing energy, so it has a strong function on rejuvenation and balancing of the sexual energy. It can also improve the condition of any chronic problems around the genital organs and lower stomach and improve the power of fertility.

Qi Gong diet in this course does not place emphasis on what kind of food to eat but on how to ‘Fu Qi’, the Daoist way to eat the Qi from the Sun, Moon and Nature. Fu Qi can reduce the demand on food greatly and play an important part in Qi Gong practice.