Turtle & Snake

The Turtle & Snake Hua Gong is primarily a method of healing. It consists of two parts, the Snake Gong and the Turtle Gong. The Snake Gong focuses on movements that work precisely on aligning and freeing the spine, and connecting the spine with the limbs and the internal organs. The Turtle Gong features static posing and breathing that leads us into an eternal state of being. It is as if our life is preserved forever.

Other more external problems such as back pain, shoulder and neck pain, spine joints out of place, hip joint pain, etc. can also be effectively treated through this method. Unlike some other Hua Gong methods that have an artistic nature (Five Animal) or Spiritual emphasis (Return Journey), the Turtle and Snake Gong is a direct healing method. With precise techniques and particular requirements it is most suitable for people with health problems as their main concern. It does not need hard practice to achieve healing effects. As long as one applies the method, it is easy to get the result.

There are roughly three levels in this method. The simple and non meditative movements are for direct healing functions. The more sophisticated circular movements adjust the spine thus aiding the healing function. Finally the more graceful and dance-like movements are for transforming the structure of the body and energy, and for artistic expression.
As the central cord of the body, the spine can be traced as the physical root of every other organ and system of the body. Here we are referring to the internal organs, the central nervous system, the immune system, the circulatory system and the limbs. The central Qi channel much referred to in the Qigong tradition, is also closely related to the spine. Therefore, readjusting the spine can treat many health problems. As demonstrated by Mr. Shen Chang, a Qigong master from China, even a tumour can shrink in size or disappear totally by treating the vertebrae.