Breathing Techniques

This course is devoted to the breathing aspect of Qigong practice.  In the fundamental Hua Gong classes, the breathing method is normally instructed as natural breathing, leaving the students to respond and react to the individual effects in their own meditation.  In other methods of the Hua Gong some special techniques of breathing are introduced.  However, because the breathing techniques are not the main focus of the class, there was normally little time spent on practising them.  In the Turtle and Snake Gong, for example, the turtle breathing method is usually practised in one session only.  In this special Hua Gong Weekend we will focus only on the breathing aspect of Qigong practice.

A substantial part of the exercises is spent on practising the turtle breathing and the foetus / Dantian breathing, together named as static breathing.  The static breathing, also called eternal breathing, is the highest quality of breathing methods which is not focused on problems, and reflects a highly accomplished state of Qigong practice. Other methods such as the ancient six sounds techniques for healing the internal organs, the abdominal breathing for digestion and weight loss, bellows breathing for getting warm, bird breathing for sinusitis and asthma, snake and frog breathing for fasting or hunger, deer breathing for sleep, heel breathing for general relaxation and vitality, etc. will also be introduced for particular needs and for general knowledge.

For those who are seeking for healing and recovery, the breathing practice is an effective and convenient method which can be practised when lying in bed.  That is to say that even if somebody is very weak because of illness, he / she can still practise the breathing techniques to get healed.  The saying in Chinese medicine “as long as you can breathe, you can recover” applies very well in this context.  For new students of Qigong / Hua Gong, it will be an easy access to the practice.  Even if they have not learnt other Hua Gong methods, the breathing techniques will be sufficient to practise to achieve wonderful results.  For those who have been practising Hua Gong for some time already, the weekend will provide a rare opportunity for more detailed guidance in the breathing aspects of the practice which will enhance the quality and level of your general daily practice.