Lap Top Qigong

Lap Top Qigong- a convenient and powerful daily Hua Gong practice.

From the lap we can catch an element of the physical and therefore increase the physical strength of the whole body.
From the lap we can catch one piece of the physical structure, and therefore reinforce and reconfirm the entire physical structure of the body.
From the lap we can retain and recharge the Qi into the body structure and in turn revive oneself as a living being. 
Sitting down and standing up is a repeated daily action.  We can deplete our energy every time, with a casual way of doing it.  In the Hua Gong way, or the organised way we can instead gain energy when we do it.
By simple techniques of tapping, rubbing smoothing and laying hands on the lap, we can retain the Qi from the knees and strengthen the legs, and top up the kidney energy. We can be surprised by how much warmth and liveliness we can get in the body.
Starting with working on the lap and leading to other parts of the basic body structure, this style Hua Gong is like a follow-up to the online Hua Gong Retreat, to help us to reinforce the body-energy structure to contain the Qi, and to increase our ability to maintain a good energy level on a daily basis.