Hua Gong Forms

On a fundamental level, there are some Hua Gong movements designed for self-healing purposes and for building up a foundation for Hua Gong practice. These are the movements that have been practised at the London Hua Gong weekends over the years. Some of these movements are recorded on the Hua Gong video for self-healing and healing. This practice is the most direct way of approaching the body and energy, for activating and cultivating the Qi, and for self-healing purposes. In this retreat, you will be able to learn them in one go. It is a perfect opportunity for those who have joined the practice more recently and missed out learning the movements over the weekends. It is also great chance for those teaching the Hua Gong Self-Healing Forms (level 1) to refine and update their practice and quality of teaching.

The Hua Gong Forms are designed on three levels:

  1. Physical transformation;
  2. Qi circulation;
  3. Body and energy purification.

Hua Gong Form (1) takes a more physical approach, though the effects are far beyond the physical body. If works in two ways: First, through some physically active movements, we activate the Qi in our body and connect to the Qigong state. This is called De Qi (getting the Qi) in Qigong terms. That is to say that if we did not have any Hua Gong training before and have no sense of what the Qi is about, this will be an effective way for us to feel the Qi and get some experience of it. Second, through the movement we utilise the Qi that has been awakened to transform the physical body. Once the Qi has been initiated, the focus becomes to utilise the Qi to transform our physical body. These movements will be effective method to change the structure and quality of our body. It can be experienced as an effect of facelift, slimming treatment and rejuvenation. Our body can become both supple and strong. Our face glows with clean and healthy colour. Our health improves.

Hua Gong Form (2) focused on the Qi flow and circulation. The movements are less shared and less practised. They are more meditative and circular. The effects are subtle and profound. They focus on opening the Qi channels and meridians all over the body, and cultivating a strong sense of warm flow of Qi in the body. The movements include circulating the Qi around the arms, around the legs, around the arm and legs, across the trunk of the body. and through the whole body. In traditional Qigong term, this is the method to accomplish the “Small and Large Cosmic Circulation”.

Hua Gong Form (3) works on cleansing or purifying our body and energy. It reveals or cultivates the body light and fragrance. Through this practice, our body will be covered with a glow of light and even the sweat of the body can smell fragrant. This is deeply purifying. The focus of this practice is the inner space of the body, instead of the physical part of the body. If the way of physical transformation Hua Gong Form (1) is compared with cooking in which the texture and quality of the physical parts change, the way of purification can be compared with washing up in which the real quality and function of the utensils are fully revealed and realised. This practice is less hard work, less dependent on our physical state, and quicker to achieve the healing effects. It inspires us to understand profound spiritual ideas such as detachment and freedom.